October 8, 2008

Covet prayers and PRAISE!

dh confessed alot to me last night. God has got a hold of him and burdened him that he should not keep ANYTHING from me. So we were up til almost 2am with dh pouring his heart and PRAYING! he confessed that he is not good with our finances. to be honest he has not been paying all the bills.our house is 2 months (last and this month) behind and he is not sure on the othersthere is NOTHING in the bankhe gets paid tomorrow but we don't know how much will 'bounce' before that.glory to God though dh said he has been listening to "my Chrisitan radio" and has come around to giving everything we have to God! That is what he prayed lasted night. He wants to start praying with dc nightly and he will take over the meal prayers. he has such a true open and repentant heart PTL!He said he realized God was keeping him from 'doing it himself' with getting out of this mess as he has not been called for OT in months (there is TONS of OT!) and he has not been called for subsitute teching and he is the ONLY one on the list. he says God let him hit rock bottom with this so he could see what was going on.I sent him to work with a Dave Ramsey workbook.I will be helping him with all the bills.We are asking the church to borrow the Financial Freedom dvds.He has the option of overtime.he has more copper than will fit in his truck to scrap plus our extra 'stuff' laying around and it will get us back on our feet.He wants to pray over our bank cards/checks/bills/house you name it and truely give it to God! Finances have been a huge HUGE part of our marriage issues since we married. This isn't the first time this has happened but dh says it will be the last time.thank for your prayers

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